SoCal Motorbicycle Racing
at Apple Valley Speedway 10-25-20

Here's the full race edit with front and rear facing footage from #rylo and #gopro cameras.
Final: Mixed class 212 cc spec. engine with an Unlimited class bike (Scotto #3 blowing us away on the straights) including Super 2-stroke china engine bikes. Gilbert's (#79) amazing retro hand-built bike and Baird‘s (#33) custom 2-stroke beast made for great racing. I was running on a leaky rear tire that barely made it to the end!

SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing Grange | 2013

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Grangé Motor Circuit for SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event October 19, 2013. Another great racing day with near perfect weather. The track was great as usual and a fun group of racers made it another hit event. Tight racing in most of the classes made watching a treat. First time on the track for the new 2-stroke build with mixed results and first place finishes on the 160cc 4-stroker in the mid-range and 11hp Class Finals. This is helmet cam footage from the 49cc-66cc class final. Everything was going great until ...

HD versions:
49cc-66cc Class Final
11hp / Unlimited Class Final

Standard Definition versions:
49cc-66cc Class Final
11hp / Unlimited Class Final

SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing Grange | 2012

Back at Grangé Motor Circuit for SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event October 20, 2012. Great racing day with near perfect weather. If you get a chance to make it to one of these races, even just as a spectator, you'll be hooked on the fun. The nashmoto bikes took second in the 49cc class final and first in the 11 hp class final.

VIDEO: Time Lapse Build, 196cc Racer | 2012

Shot from February 9 to April 2, 2012. The complete build beginning to end. Many changes have been made to improve on the initial design and build. The original NuVinci hub could not handle the 196cc engine so a fixed gear drive his handling the output now. Clutch related vibration is still a problem. Even so, topped out at 51mph last race and finishing 1st. in the final at Grange Motor Circuit June 2, 2012.

VIDEO: SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing Grange | 2011

Finally put together an edit of race day footage. It's very nashmoto specific, but you get an idea of what it's like to race the Grange track - great fun. Thanks to Neil of SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing for putting this together and doing a great job.

Special thanks to Ken for unexpected video coverage and Ann for great photos she shot throughout the day. See you at the next race in April 7, 2012.

SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing Grange | 2011

This time we're racing in Southern California, Apple Valley to be exact. This SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event October 22, 2011 at Grangé Motor Circuit, a technical track that's demanding on the riders, was very fun. Nashmoto finished first in the first moto and managed to stay competitive in the 2-stroke class finishing second in the second moto (first in the 4-stroke class), reaching 38 mph in the back section and 32 mph on the uphill straightaway. There's also a short slide show video here.

6th Annual Death Race | 2010

We attended this year's annual outlaw desert event where riders will see their bikes disintegrate beneath them as they approach speeds of 50 mph. Death Race is open to all gas and electric motorized bicycles. Pedals and a motor, you're in. Spooky Tooth Cycles' event was held April 18th at the P1 Circuit Race Track at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, AZ. Photos: Lee Crane

Parts Arrive

The first parts arrive after a month of research, guesswork and too much google time in front of the computer. The Honda engine is amazing, but some of the other parts aren’t exactly what I expect. All part of the process ...

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